Aerial Photography Trials

An innovative method of getting quality aerial photographs has been trialled this week at Chichester Harbour. Ross Primer and Andrew Goh of Environmental Resource Management (ERM) spent two days at the harbour with a camera attached to a helium balloon. The specially shaped balloon/kite can lift up to 60m with the camera taking photos that are later merged together to give an overview of the site.

The project has been funded by an Innovation Fund grant from ERM as a way to get high-resolution aerial photographs that can be used for environmental impact assessment. Ed Rowsell, Conservation Officer has been working with the team. Ed said, ‘this helium-kite trial has been a interesting process, possibly adding another tool for getting quick and cheap aerial imagery of a site, particularly for assessing change in habitats and dynamic coastal areas '

See more photos including an aerial view of East Head hinge on our Facebook page.


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