Storm Update

Following a stormy night with winds peaking at 70 knots at 5:30am on Monday 28 October, the Harbour Patrol and Harbour Rangers were out early this morning to check on the state of the harbour.

The majority of boats are fine, a couple have come off their moorings and two have sunk. The Harbour Patrol are contacting all owners.. Sid Kennet , Harbour Hand in Emsworth was on the scene at dawn this morning securing boats and checking moorings. Siún Cranny, Director said, 'Our moored boats have fared very well with this extreme weather; the Conservancy moorings are generally safe and secure and are maintained to the highest standards. Patrol have secured a number of boats and moved some to more sheltered moorings. We are also closely monitoring any developments at East Head as a result of the stormy weather. '

A number of trees are down around the harbour, including a large one which has fallen across a footpath at Maybush Copse. The Harbour Rangers will be dealing with these over the next few days.

With more bad weather forecast for next weekend please make sure your boat is prepared for harsh weather - our Patrol are always pleased to advise.


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