A new way of communicating


As part of the 50th anniversary celebrations at Chichester Harbour, a new way of raising awareness about the Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty has been published.


'Infographics' are designed to visually represent a lot of information quickly and clearly. The idea came about as a way to articulate the range of factors that collectively make Chichester Harbour such a special place.


Siún Cranny, Director of Chichester Harbour Conservancy said, "Infographics are an engaging way to interest people in the story the Harbour, through the novel use of bright visuals, statistics and facts that make-up the content, and the knowledge behind the information that we have presented. Anyone spending a few minutes reading the display will learn a lot in a short space of time."


The new infographics are displayed at the various sites around the Harbour, as well as on the Conservancy's website and social media sites.


Pieter Montyn, Chairman of the Conservancy added, "One of our biggest challenges is raising awareness of the Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. I feel that being able to do that in a simple, innovative and thought-provoking way is fundamentally important. This design really enables people to learn about the Harbour."



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