Selangor Footpath

More volunteers are still needed to complete work the popular Selangor footpath in Emsworth.  A four day task last week saw 80 volunteers from Friends of Chichester Harbour, the Environment Agency, Chichester Conservation Volunteers and Havant Borough Council pull together to improve the footpath, which starts opposite Selangor Avenue and provides access to Nore Barn Woods and Chichester Harbour. This huge effort was co-ordinated by the Conservancy and the nearby Brookfield Hotel also showed its support by allowing volunteers to meet and store items at the hotel, and to use its toilet facilities.

The volunteers worked hard to clear brambles, widen and lay surfacing material along a100m stretch of the 350m path but there is still much to achieve. 

Judith Meagher our Countryside Officer said,” this is a great example of communities working together. The volunteers did a wonderful job and have totally transformed this stretch of the footpath in less than a week. Pooling resources allowed us to make a huge difference in a short space of time and achieve much more than working with individual groups would have. We are hoping that more people will offer to help when they see the difference after just four days. ”

This work is part of a Havant Borough Council agreed programme of work, which is ongoing and more volunteers are needed. If you would like to help on a Tuesday or Saturday morning, please email for more details.


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