Footpath saved from the sea!

The footpath near Paynes Boatyard and Thornham Marina has been saved from the sea, following urgent repairs to the concrete sea wall.

The wall was heavily cracked and had become very weak, due to years of defending the footpath from winter storms. Part of the footpath was in real danger of being lost if the weakened wall had failed to protect it from the sea this winter. This is a very busy path as it leads south towards Thorney Island - a popular route for walkers and bird watchers - and would have been a great loss.

The land has no registered owner so we undertook and paid for the project at a cost of £7,500.  Hundreds of concrete bags were placed along a 10m stretch of the sea wall to strengthen it and we also took the opportunity to resurface 13m of the footpath at the same time. With the work now complete, we hope that walkers will continue to enjoy the footpath for many years to come.



Management Plan 2009-2014 - 6MB