Consideration in the Harbour

From first light to sundown most days of the year the Harbour is alive with activity. It is rare that we look out from the Harbour Office and don't see someone coming or going.

Between the 14 sailing clubs with their 11,000 members and the 5,000+ moorings within the Harbour limits, over 10,000 craft regularly take to the water. Whether for commercial or pleasure purposes, everyone wants to enjoy the Harbour area, but we know that competing requirements and some tidal conditions can create narrower channels which has the potential to cause conflict.

Commercial boats and fleets racing typically want to get where they need to be in the shortest possible time, whilst pleasure craft are happy to take a more meandering route at a sedate pace. Both have an absolute right but when one encounters the other, like on the road, frustration can build.

Whilst there are rules governing the use of the Harbours waters - the COLREGS, which all users should be familiar with and apply, we would suggest that these should be applied with common sense and courtesy.

Whilst the Harbour covers a significant area and it's rare that all users will take the to the water simultaneously, the simple fact remains that at any one time, there will be a mixture of boaters, kayakers, paddleboarders and sailors on the water, from those governed by wind speed and direction to those under power and on a set course and schedule.

So, when you take to the water, for whatever reason, remember that we have the enormous benefit of being able to boat/sail in some of the most beautiful landscapes in the Country (maybe even the world) and it's easy to forget what is on your doorstep. So where possible, take a little more time to soak up the views and show some courtesy to others doing the same, even if their enjoyment doesn't fit with your own schedule!


Management Plan 2009-2014 - 6MB