Local Notice to Mariners No.17 of 2017


1. General. Mariners are advised that a maintenance dredge of Emsworth Yacht Harbour is due to commence 04 November 2017, or following the seasonal closure of the oyster fishery if later.

2. Dredged material will be beneficially disposed of within the Treloar Hole, located within the fairway at the entrance to Chichester Harbour, centred on position:

50º 46´.892 N, 000º 56´.058 W

3. Disposal within the Treloar Hole will take place during the period HW -6 hours and HW -2 hours.

4. Vessels. Disposal operations will be undertaken with two 20m hopper barges manoeuvred by the 9.5m Multicat Seaka. The barges will be delivered to the marina Monday 30 October by the 15m tug Forceful. Dredging operations will be undertaken using the 20m barge Boxer with backhoe dredger, which will be towed to site prior to operations.

5. All towing vessels will maintain a dual watch on VHF channels 16 and 14, and show the lights and shapes prescribed by the Collision Regulations.

6. Mooring. A temporary mooring will be laid in the Emsworth Channel for the duration of the dredge in approximate position: 50° 48´.1 N, 00° 56´.5 W.

7. Caution. Vessels involved in towing, pushing and disposal operations will be restricted in their ability to manoeuvre and mariners are requested to give them a wide berth. This will be particularly important in the confined waters approaching Emsworth Yacht Harbour.

8. Cancel this LNTM 28 February 2018.

Richard Craven
Director & Harbour Master
30 October 2017