People have been living in the Chichester Harbour area for centuries. Evidence of human activity around the harbour reflects domestic, industrial and commercial life. Finds have includes Stone Age flint tools, fire-cracked 'pot-boilers', Bronze Age artefacts, Iron Age hearths, a Roman helmet and Saxon pottery.

Follow the history of Chichester Harbour from 450,000BC up to today on the timeline.

The Archaeology Research Framework and Uncovering the Past provide a compilation, in report format, of all the current archaeological knowledge for the Chichester Harbour area.

The four sections; Subtidal, Landscapes under Threat, Changing Landscapes and Palaeoenvironment give detailed information on archaeological projects undertaken between 2003-2007 as part of the Heritage Lottery Funded Rhythms of the Tide project.

Further information suitable for students is available in the Learning Zone. To get involved with future archaeology projects please contact Chichester & District Archaeology Society (CDAS).

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