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West of Fairway Buoy on the southern side of the channel

East of Pilsey Island (Note: this is a restricted area - no picnicking above the MHW line)

North of East Head (swimming can be dangerous because of the strong tide) but do not anchor in the main channel which is very crowded at the weekend

When at anchor vessels must display a black ball during the day and an anchor light at night. Anchoring is prohibited in or near mooring areas or in the vicinity of navigation and racing marks. Vessels are not to anchor in the centre of channels and are to exhibit a black ball or white light. Vessels are not to be left unmanned at anchor for periods of more than four hours (Byelaw No. 12)(LNTM 4/00).


Reduce speed and give a wide berth to vessels flying International 'OQ' (red/yellow over yellow) - compass adjusting; 'A' (blue and white) - diving operations; 'RY' (yellow cross on red over red and yellow diagonal stripes) - harbour maintenance; a black ball, diamond, ball, hoisted vertically - a vessel restricted in her ability to manoeuvre.


Fuel and packaged lubricants may be obtained at Chichester Yacht Basin, Birdham Pool, Northney Marina, Sparkes Marina, Emsworth Yacht Harbour and some garages and chandlers at Emsworth.

Public Jetties

Emsworth Jetty is available for 3.5 hours each side of high water, neap tides (assuming 1.0m draught). Fresh water is available. Waiting is restricted to 2 hours.

Itchenor Jetty is available at all states of the tide with a depth of approximately 2m at mean low water springs. Fresh water is available along with a free pump-out station. Waiting is limited to 20 minutes only because of congestion and maintaining access for the emergency services. Please note that water from the jetties is not to be used for washing vessels. An overstay penalty of £30+VAT per hour, or part thereof, is payable by vessels exceeding the jetty waiting limits.

Scrubbing Piles

Scrubbing piles are available at Itchenor at a cost of £18.00 per workable low tide. There is water and power available however customers must provide their own hoses and extension cables. These can be booked through the Harbour Office at Itchenor.

Suitable vessels less than 9 metres in length can dry out against the quay wall at Emsworth for no charge, however please speak to our member of staff at the Harbour Office in South Street to book as vessels are restricted to one tide only per booking.

For more information please see the Scrubbing Piles link in the Additional Downloads panel.


Three showers for yachtsmen have been installed at the Harbour Office, Itchenor. Tokens for their use are available from the harbour office and from the patrol staff or the Itchenor ferry.


Sailors should be aware of the strong tides in the harbour entrance. The flood tide may run at 2.8 knots and the ebb tide at a rate of 6.4 knots at Springs, which can be dangerous for the inexperienced. Tide times are available for the next seven days.

Visitor Moorings

For visitors moorings, please see the information on the Visitor Moorings page.


By telephone: Weathercall recorded forecast for Mid Channel 09068 226 457.
Detailed local weather information on the area 'Chichester Harbour and Eastern Solent' is displayed at the Harbour Offices at Itchenor and Emsworth.

BBC Radio Forecasts (times are correct at time of printing but please see Radio Times for latest information): Radio 4 LW 198Khz, Shipping forecasts - 0048, 0535, 1201 and 1754 hours daily. Shipping forecasts and gale/strong wind warnings are announced by HM Coastguard on Channel 16 and broadcast on Channel 10 every four hours at 40 mins past the even hour from 0040 to 2040 UTC. These are repeated when gale/strong wind warnings are in force every two hours. Forecasts may be interrupted during casualty situations.

Real time wind, wave and temperature is available from weather stations in and near Chichester Harbour. This information is also displayed outside the Harbour Office at Itchenor.


Facilities for yachtsmen's landed waste are provided at all main landing points around the harbour. Many provide facilities to dispose of glass, paper, card, plastic bottles, tins and oil. We strongly encourage yachtsmen to separate their waste and make full use of the recycling facilities.  A free pump-out station can be found at Itchenor public jetty.

Recycling Information Leaflet

Waste Management Plan

Chichester Harbour Conservancy maintains a Maritime and Coastguard Agency approved Port Waste Management Plan (PWMP) on behalf of all the marinas, boatyards and sailing clubs within the harbour that provide mooring facilities for vessels that go to sea. While all of the organisations included within the PWMP endeavour to provide the right mix of facilities for their customers and to run them in a clean and efficient manner, there is always room for improvement. If you identify shortfalls in the provision of facilities or in the way they are run please take them up with the organisation concerned. If you have a specific complaint that is not being dealt with adequately please address it to Richard Craven.

The latest version of the Port Waste Management Plan can be downloaded as a pdf document and includes maps of where to find them.

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