Harbour Buoys

Four young men in perfect harmony

Did you know the Conservancy has its own band of troubadours ‘The Harbour Buoys'?

Formed in 2010 after the first sea shanty night, The Harbour Buoys then consisted of the retired Education Officer (and musician), John Tierney, and the, then new, Education Officer, Gary James. Playing a few events a year their reputation began to grow, boosted by the now famous, You Tube Harbour memories clip.

With the original additions of Alun Lee (guitar) and Adam Clapton (banjo) the Harbour Buoys cemented their reputation as the real deal (nearly).  Following Alun's departure for a solo career, Adam's brother Robin has joined the band.  The Harbour Buoys play several events a year both for the Conservancy and for other local organisations. With a mixture of sea shanties, other folk songs and jug band sing-a-longs a great time is guaranteed for all.

Their repertoire has now been extended to include a selection of Christmas festive carols should the occasion call for them.

The band brings a vast selection of decorations to transform any venue into a cosy sea faring haven. They've performed at local special needs centres, old people's homes, on the shoreline, on the water, sailing clubs and the Conservancy's own Dell Quay centre.

The Harbour Buoys love playing and are available, for a small fee, for any local organisation, venue and event.

Follow them on twitter #chichesterharbourbuoys.

To book them for your event call Gary James, Education Officer on 01243 789173.

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