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The harbour is divided into 31 sections. Each of these has been adopted by a Harbour Watch volunteer. Each month the volunteer walks their section and reports back to the Harbour Office on such things as the state of the footpaths and sea defences.

Litter is also collected and either disposed of by the volunteer or left in a designated area and then collected later by water by Conservancy staff.

These volunteers provide an invaluable service by ensuring that the Conservancy staff are thoroughly briefed on all sections of the over 50 miles shoreline. This way problems can be dealt with as soon as possible.

The litter collection keeps the shoreline as clean as possible, however due to the nature of the tide (it deposits debris on the shoreline twice a day), this is a never ending job so please help out and if you see any litter, feel free to pick it up and dispose of it or contact the Harbour Office if you think it is a particular problem.

The scheme is currently full and we are not recruiting new volunteers, but please do keep an eye on this page for updates in the future.

Harbour Watch Scheme Report Form

If you are a Harbour Watch member, please complete the form below with your monthly report.

Harbour Watch


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