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Thousands of people get involved each year with racing in Chichester Harbour. this includes Olympic sailors many of whom have trained in the Harbour and in Hayling Bay.

To get involved contact the local sailing clubs or see the Chichester Harbour Federation website for details of the racing programme. The Code of Conduct for Racing and Federation Racing Marks information can also be found on the Chichester Harbour Federation website.

Others may prefer a quiet sail but there is plenty of room for everyone. See our guide to Sailing and Powerboating in Harmony in Chichester Harbour which answers questions commonly posed by powerboaters and suggests ways for sail boat racers to share the facilities without spoiling everyone's fun.

Racing Tips

A Racing Tips series is run in the Chichester Harbour News and Guide. All the articles are reproduced here. Each one is a pdf file and may take a few moments to download.

* Harbour Racing Tips (1999) - Roger Palmer and Ian Porter give advice on which way to go at the Southern end of the harbour.

* Harbour Racing Tips (2000) - Roger Wickens discusses a classic beat - from Wear or Park racing marks south-west towards Ella Nore, Dunes or SW Pilsey, against a flood tide.

* Harbour Racing Tips (2001) - Tim Weedon looks at racing in the northern reaches of the harbour; Emsworth and Chichester.

* Harbour Racing Tips (2002) - Jim Saltonstall writes a superb venue guide to Hayling Bay including a useful tidal vector chart.

* Harbour Racing Tips (2003) - Alan Gick discusses racing in the Bosham Channel.

* Racing in Federation Week - the cruical first beat (2004) - Roger Palmer gives advice on the challenges of sailing in Federation Week.

* Sort the Priorities (2005) - Tips from Mark Rushall to help you make the right choices in your gameplan.

* Dealing with the Handicap Fleet (2006) - Mark Rushall explains how to win in a mixed fleet

* Racing in Fed Week - Tactics on the Ebb (2007) - Roger Palmer gives detailed and useful advice.

* Sailing the Waves in Hayling Bay (2008) - Mark Rushall gives useful tips for using waves to improve rather than hinder your performance

* Which Way Shall we Go? (2009) - As the tides flood and ebb, the surface of the water on which we race moves under the boat and is a major factor in determining the outcome of the competition. Roger Palmer & Keith Walker give advice on tidal tactics.

* Riddles of the Sands (2010) - The only way to have the current as your ally is to have a better knowledge than your rivals of the way in which currents behave and the effects they may have on your boat. Keith Walker & Roger Palmer.

* Weighing up the Factors (2011) - Spring tides or neap tides make a difference to the choices you should make when racing. Keith Walker gives some useful tips on what to consider.

* Upwind Near the Winner (2012) - Roger Palmer looks back at Fed Week 2011 and asks does the Winner really take it all?

* A Non-Racer's Guide to Racing (2013) - Mark Rushall gives some insights to non-racers to make their voyage through th field of play in Chichester Harbour a little less stressful.

Racing Marks and Navigational Features - Chichester Harbour

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