Salterns Copse

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  • Work has been undertaken (Sept 2011) to thin out sections of the woodland. Once the foresters had felled the marked trees, heavy horses were used to drag the trunks out of the wood. Much of the wood will be used to complete the fencing that was started last year.
  • Volunteers from the Friends of Chichester Harbour have completed resurfacing the footpath along the shoreline edge. They have laid 20 tonnes of shingle along 300m of the path. This will ensure the footpaths stays in good condition through the winter months.

Salterns Copse is an 8 acre (3.25 hectare) woodland adjacent to the shoreline of Chichester Marina. It is just north of Chichester Marina, Birdham. The copse is the largest ancient woodland remnant on the Manhood Peninsula.

It is predominantly an Oak wood, though other species such as Willow and Hazel are found there. The wood had not been managed since before the Second World War and was in a derelict state in the 1980s. The farmer entered into an agreement with Chichester Harbour Conservancy for it to be managed to enhance and maintain its nature conservation value.

The wood is now divided into sections and coppiced on a 10-year rotation. By managing it in this traditional way, it allows wildlife and wildflowers to flourish.

The newly coppiced sections allow light into the woodland and at this stage the ground is colonised by light-loving plants such as Rosebay Willow Herb.

As the coppiced trees regrow, plants such as Primrose, Violets, Red Campion and Yellow Archangel flourish in the semi-shade.

As the coppice matures and gives deep shade other plants start to flourish. These include Bittersweet, Wood Anemone, Dog's Mercury and Bluebell.

Wildlife such as Common Shrew, Fox, Badger, Squirrels and Voles all make their homes in the Copse.

Salterns Copse provides an excellent example of an Oak and coppice woodland on a working farm, although Chichester Harbour Conservancy is responsible for its management.

There is no public access into the Copse itself, but a public footpath rounds around the perimeter. (See the walk Chichester Marina to Dell Quay)

Video: Woodland Management (5:04)


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