West Wittering and East Head


West Wittering lies at the harbour entrance. There are long, sandy beaches, and the sand dunes that make up East Head. This small village is like many around the harbour quiet in the winter months and incredibly busy in the summer when crowds of day trippers visit the beaches. A thriving windsurfing club has grown up at West Wittering.

In the past

Flint tools from the Stone Age have been found at West Wittering, this means that Stone Age people were using this part of the harbour to butcher the animals they hunted. Roman objects have been found at West Wittering, including a New Forest Ware pottery vase.  In the Medieval Age it was a village surrounded by farmland, but during the 17th to 19th century the population trebled in size.

There are iron rings in the wall of the churchyard where fishermen moored their boats when the sea came up to the wall. Early in the 20th century West Wittering became known as a popular seaside resort.

The beautiful and dynamic sand spit of East Head is popular with visitors and an ideal study subject with schools and colleges.

More information

East Head Aerial by Judi Darley

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