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To contact any of these members, please contact the Harbour Office. See the agendas page for agendas and minutes of all meetings as they become available.

Conservancy members 2017-18

Roger Price (Chairman) Hampshire County Council

Jeremy Hunt (Vice Chairman) West Sussex County Council

Bill Acraman, West Sussex County Council
Graeme Barrett, Chichester District Council
Ann Briggs, Hampshire County Council
Jackie Branson, Hampshire County Council
John Connor, Chichester District Council
Rivka Cresswell, Havant Borough Council
Nick Fox, Advisory Committee
Louise Goldsmith, West Sussex County Council
Robert Macdonald, Advisory Committee
Keith Martin, Advisory Committee
Pieter Montyn, West Sussex County Council
Lance Quantrill, Hampshire County Council
Ken Smith, Havant Borough Council

Advisory Committee members 2016-17

Robert Macdonald (Chairman) Federation of Sailing Clubs

Steven Schrier (Vice Chairman) Residents in the Borough of Havant

Tim Calloway, Naturalists
Oliver Chipperfield, Friends of Chichester Harbour
Tim Dapling, Sussex IFCA
Nick Fox, Federation of Sailing Clubs
Lee Freeston, Wildfowlers
Richard Harmer, Recreational and Sports Anglers
Audrey Jones, Natural England
Marcus Lawson, Federation of Sailing Clubs
Keith Martin, Chichester District Association of Local Councils
Grant McLaughlin, Professional Boatman's Association
Jackie Mellan, Environment Agency
Derek Russell, Royal Yachting Association
Chris Savage, Federation of Sailing Clubs
Matt Sawday, Farming and Landowners
Alison Wakelin, Commercial Interests


Planning Consultative Committee members 2017-18

Keith Martin, Chairman, Conservancy

Steven Schrier, Vice Chairman, Advisory Committee

Ann Briggs, Conservancy
Tim Calloway, Advisory Committee
John Connor, Conservancy
Nick Fox, Conservancy
Pieter Montyn, Conservancy
Ken Smith, Conservancy
Alison Wakelin, Advisory Committee



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