September 2017

September 2017

September has come and gone with flurry of activity. The most significant event was saying goodbye to our long standing Countryside Officer, Nicky Horter. After 13 years of outstanding work, Nicky has moved onto new pastures and I wish her all the best in her new role.

On a sunny weekend, I went kayaking with some friends from Emsworth out to Marker Point to see the seals and on our way back we stopped off at Fowley Island for a swim. To my dismay, I discovered a dead Gull that had been caught up in discarded fishing nets. Back at work I immediately organized a work party to clear the discarded fishing nets off Fowley Island. We have to go back on the next spring tide as there is still a lot of netting to be removed.

Lots of footpath infrastructure seems to have failed over the summer period, some due to vandalism other just due age and constant use. I've replaced two 8ft Kissing gate posts in Fishbourne Meadows, another gate post at Ella Nore.

I have almost completed phase two of the Fishbourne Meadows Boardwalk programme. It's been a race to get into the meadows after we had cattle removed from grazing the site and between the rainy periods, to install the new sections of boardwalk. The new section will improve access between the two main fields then onto the small concrete bridge section. Please go down and try out the new boardwalk.

Not forgetting the volunteers from the Friends of Chichester Harbour, who have been out with us in full force accomplishing an amazing amount of work for their hard efforts. I know I say this regularly, but the help they offer us both financially and the physical man hours are hugely appreciated by us at the Conservancy.

Keith Rathbone

Countryside Ranger

Chichester Harbour Conservancy