Sustainable Development Fund

Sustainable Development Fund

Sustainable development is about promoting ways of living and working that allow people to enjoy life, businesses to prosper and communities to thrive. At the same time enhancing the natural beauty, wildlife and cultural heritage of Chichester Harbour AONB and affording opportunities for an understanding and enjoyment of its special qualities by the public.

The Sustainable Development Fund is there for the benefit Chichester Harbour Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. It is open to local communities and businesses as well as groups wishing to visit the protected area. In order to apply for a grant from the Sustainable Development Fund, you will need to propose a project idea. The project must be a distinct piece of work to be carried out, additional to the usual day-to-day activity of an individual or organisation. Applicants can apply for funding using a simple application form.

The way your application is considered will depend on how much funding you request. For applications requesting a grant of:

• up to £1,000, the Director will make the decision. These applications are considered on a rolling basis.
• £1,000 or more, the Grants Committee will make the decision. These applications are considered every six weeks (approximately).

For 2015/16, there is £30,000 available to allocate. As a guide, single grants rarely exceed £4,000. Most grants will be allocated between April and September 2015 and all projects must be financially complete by 31st March 2016.

In order to apply for a grant, it is recommended that you contact Judi Darley, Communities Officer, in the first instance to discuss your project idea. Should you then wish to apply, please send your completed application form to Chichester Harbour Conservancy.

Judi Darley
Communities Officer
01243 512301

The following Sustainable Development Fund projects took place in 2014/15.

Applicant Project Name   Grant   Match Funds 
 Maritime Archaeology Trust  Impact of Bait Digging on Archaeology Study  £4,000  £4,500
 Thorney Island School  Wildlife and Sensory Garden  £2,049  £2,049
 Manhood Wildlife and Heritage Group  Community Wetlands Project (Phase II)   £4,000   £19,800
 Haestings Re-enactment Society  Saxons in Sussex   £500   £4,075
 Chichester and District Archaeology Society   Warblington Roman Villa Excavation 2014   £2,350  £11,025 
 The Apuldram Centre   Forest School and Woodland Management Programme   £2,528   £843
 St. Peter and St. Mary Church, Fishbourne   Air-Source Heat Pump   £2,000  £11,010 
 Havant Youth Sail Training Scheme   Financially Sustainable Safety Boat Project   £3,910   £1,213
 Langstone Gig Cutters Club    Boat Fund   £4,360 


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