TIMELINE: Evidence
We think we know what happened in the past but where's the proof? Use the Evidence Timeline and test yourself on the Fiendish Finds Quiz. (Check out Handy Hints on the right understand the timelines).

How was Chichester Harbour used in days gone by? Use the Uses Timeline to find out about how people lived and worked here.

TIMELINE: Landscape
Has the Harbour always looked the same? The Landscape Timeline will reveal the answers.

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Handy Hints

When we talk about the past we use special language, these hints will help you to decode it!

"17th century" means from the year 1600 to the year 1699
"3rd century" means from the year 200 to 299.....
you get the idea, we are talking about the hundred years before the century name.

BC means "Before Christ",
AD means "Anno Domini" ("the year of our Lord (Jesus)").
We use a calendar which has Jesus Christ's Birth as the year 0.
BC counts back from the year 0, AD counts forward.

"Artefacts" and "finds" mean the physical evidence of the past such as tools, pots and parts of buildings. An artefact is any object used or made by humans.

We use evidence to try to work out how people used to live in the past. Experts have ideas based on this, but these ideas can change and not everyone agrees about what the evidence means.

The Stone Age was very, very, very, very long. It is divided into "Palaeolithic" - Old Stone Age, "Mesolithic" - Middle Stone Age, and "Neolithic" - New Stone Age.