Weekend Navigation Bulletin 16th - 17th June

Welcome to the Weekly Navigation Bulletin.

To get in touch with our patrol team over the weekend call CHICHESTER HARBOUR PATROL on VHF Channel 14, or telephone the Harbour Office on 01243 512301. In an emergency please call 999 and ask for the Coastguard.

Vessel Traffic and Activity

Detailing notable vessel traffic, racing start times and other activities on the water that may affect navigation.

* Denotes back-to-back racing.

Saturday 16th June

South Harbour and Harbour Entrance
Hayling Island SC 1300 Fireball, Merlin Rocket, Scorpion Open
Hayling Island SC 1400 – 1415 Various Classes

Chichester Channel
Itchenor SC 1000 – 1010 Keelboats
Chichester YC 1300 – 1320 Regatta (Keelboats)
Itchenor SC 1330 – 1340 Various Classes*

Other Areas
Chichester YC 1255 Regatta

Sunday 17th June

South Harbour and Harbour Entrance
Hayling Island SC 1100 Fireball, Merlin Rocket, Scorpion Open
Hayling Island SC 1100 – 1115 Various Classes
Mengeham Rythe SC 1300 Various Classes
West Wittering SC 1430 – 1700 Various Classes

Chichester Channel
Itchenor SC 1000 – 1010 Keelboats
Itchenor SC 1100 – 1105 Various Classes*
Bosham SC 1100 – 1130 Various Classes*
Thorney Island SC 1300 – 1410 Regatta
Itchenor SC 1330 – 1335 Various Classes*

Other Areas
1200 - 1600 Round Hayling Rowing Race

Chichester Marina Free Flow Times (BST)

Chichester Marina operates a ‘free flow’ for its lock during periods of high water to maintain water levels in the marina basin. For details of the times that the lock is in free flow please click here.

Know Your Harbour - Boating In Safety

This season, along with 'hard hitting' Colregs questions, we will be mixing in facts about the harbour and some tips, tricks and safety information all geared towards making Chichester Harbour a pleasant, fun and safe place for all.

Q. Q(6) + L Fl.15s. What type of navigation mark has this light characteristic?

Click here for answer.

Other News

Round Hayling Rowing Race

The Langstone Cutters Gig Club is hosting the Round Hayling Island Rowing Race on Sunday 17 June. Racing starts at midday from New Cut (just outside the Gig Club) with competitors racing clockwise around Hayling Island, the race is expected to finish around 1500 with all competitors being off the water by 1600. Safety vessels will accompany the rowers at all times and vessels navigating the harbour are requested to keep a good lookout and give the rowers a wide berth where possible.

Please click here for further information.

Geotechnical Survey in Hayling Bay

A geotechnical survey of the seabed along the proposed UK section of the Aquind Interconnector cable route will shortly be starting. The near-shore survey, conducted by the 32 metre survey vessel MPR 3 will commence at 19th June (at the earliest) and is expected to take around 6 days.

The survey route passes through Hayling Bay and terminates at Eastney, Portsmouth. Vessels transiting the area are requested to give the survey vessel a wide berth. For further details please click here.

Harbour Dues

It’s that time of year again, please make sure your harbour dues for the 2018/19 season are purchased and affixed. Our patrol team will be out and about plaque checking over the next few weeks, please speak to them if you have not yet had chance to get things sorted.