Weekend Navigation Bulletin

Weekend Navigation Bulletin 24th June - 25th June

Welcome to our Weekly Navigation Bulletin.

To get in touch with our patrol team over the weekend call CHICHESTER HARBOUR PATROL on VHF Channel 14, or telephone the Harbour Office on 01243 512301.

Chichester Marina Free Flow Times (BST)

Saturday 24th June Close 0218 Open 1058 Close 1453 Open 2312
Sunday 25th June Close 0307 Open 1153 Close 1548


The race start times are shown below, along with the part of the harbour where the race will take place.

* Denotes back-to-back racing.

Saturday 24th June

Itchenor SC 1030 - 1105 Various* - Chichester Channel
Bosham SC 1100 Various - Chichester Channel
Hayling Island SC 1400 - 1405 Various - Harbour South/Bay
Itchenor SC 1410 - 1430 Keelboats - Chichester Channel

Sunday 25th June

Itchenor SC 1030 - 1110 Various* - Chichester Channel
Hayling Island SC 1100 - 1115 Various - Harbour South/Bay
Mengeham Rythe SC 1130 Various - Harbour South
Chichester YC 1200 Regatta - Chichester Lake
West Wittering SC 1230 - 1430 Various - Harbour South
Itchenor SC 1400 RS Feva - Chichester Channel

Know your Rules of the Road

A lighthearted quiz to improve and test your knowledge of the Collision Regulations. This season we will also have a number of safety and seamanship questions too. Good luck!

Q. Ah summer, perfect for wasps...but also for anchoring and enjoying the weather. When dropping anchor what is the very minimum amount of anchor chain you should deploy to keep your boat safe?

Click here for answer.

Other News

Round Hayling ‘Flag' Rowing Race

The Langstone Cutters Gig Club is hosting the Round Hayling Rowing Race this Sunday with a variety of boats, gigs and skiffs departing from the club between 11:15am and midday and rowing in a clockwise direction around the 13 mile course.

The rowers will be accompanied at all times by safety vessels but will all vessels please keep a watchful eye out and give them a wide berth where possible.

Safety in Tenders

Enjoying all that Chichester Harbour has to offer from the water is a great pleasure. However, it's important that to ensure that alongside the enjoyment you act safely and responsibly on tenders just as you would taking your main vessel to sea.

While seemingly leisurely, you shouldn't forget that tenders can be dangerous and potentially fatal.

The number one rule for using your tender is to always wear a life jacket - always! If things don't go according to plan, a life jacket could be the difference between a lucky escape and a fatal accident.

Other things to remember that will help keep you safe are:

• Don't overload your tender and keep the weight balanced - make two trips if necessary
• Carry a torch with you at all times, it could help you be found in an emergency
• Don't drink and drive. It's important to remain aware and in control whilst on the water
• Make sure weather conditions are suitable - if you're not sure, don't risk it

So enjoy the Harbour and make the most of the stunning Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, but remember to stay safe.

2017 Harbour Dues Checks

Our Patrol team are currently checking vessels for the display of the 2017 harbour dues plaques.

If you have yours, please make sure it is affixed to your vessel - on the port quarter. If you have not paid for your plaque and your vessel is in the water don't risk a fine and get a plaque purchased!

Keep Vigilant

IT'S PROBABLY NOTHING BUT......If you see or hear something that could be terrorist related, on land or sea, trust your instincts and call the confidential the Anti-Terrorist hotline on 0800 789 321.

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Tide Times (BST)

Saturday 24th June
LW 0514 0.6m
HW 1216 4.9m
LW 1737 0.8m

Sunday 25th June
HW 0030 5.0m
LW 0602 0.6m
HW 1311 4.9m
LW 1825 0.8m 


Don't forget to check out the 5 day weather report from the Met Office to help plan your visit to Chichester Harbour, and keep an eye on CHIMET as well.