Rangers Diary

October 2015

October 2015


Hello and welcome back to all my readers.

I can't actually believe we are already headed into November and then, my goodness it's Christmas.

This year has actually flown by. It seems like only yesterday I was paddling in the sea with shorts and a t-shirt on. I have noticed that all of a sudden the trees have literally started to drop everything and gone to sleep, the berries on the bushes are very heavy this year too. The house martins have only just left the Dell Quay area. They were probably juveniles staying late because their parents said not to. With this in mind I am tending to think that we may have quite a hard winter. The last one was not as bad as we thought it would be. So I reckon that we may end up paying for it this year.

It's not all bad as it means we can all put our cosy jumpers on, sit by the fire and eat comfort food. However we still have work to do around the A.O.N.B, which our Friends of Chichester Harbour work group know all about. This month we have been busy with Pilsey Island doing a litter pick. I think between all of us there was around about 15 bin bags of rubbish, the beach was looking pretty clean. This is a good thing as this means we are all able to concentrate on the smaller stuff that sometimes gets overlooked whilst the big heavy stuff gets put in the trucks. So as much as it looked like we had not done very much in size, in quantity of littler bits, we did lots. I would like to say big thanks, to all of you who braved the elements to come out.  We also had a task at North Common, which involves a lot of bramble clearance and scrub. Our gang were joined by the marina berth holders too. We all managed to clear a large area in such a short time. This is a great achievement by you all so a big pat on the back for everyone who attended the event.

Also this month we had the premier of our friends film where the work gang had their 15 minutes of fame. This shows how hard they work for the harbour and the surrounding areas. In the film it explains, what we do and why we all do it. I think that the film is a fantastic way to show our appreciation and gives a better insight, as to what I mean. Please click on our website and have a look to see what we all look like on the golden screen.

Before I sign off, I would just like to give a little mention to our Volunteer Rangers. This month saw the annual event of Bug Hotel making. This event is noisy, messy, busy, a bit hectic and nonstop. There were a few issues like change of venue. I have had feedback from a few customers who said that they really enjoyed the day and the venue. So thank you to the VRs and to Tuppenny Barn in Southborne for all the help to make the day a complete success.

Well that's all from me this month, please stay tuned to read Keith's blog next month.

See you when I'm out and about