Rangers Diary

January 2016

January 2016

After a good Christmas break, I got straight back into the work regime as the Harbour is always a busy place. I started off by finishing the new boardwalk we began installing last year in Fishbourne Meadows at the southern access points to the meadows. I will be installing more over the next few months to create easier access through the meadow itself.

One of our Harbour Watch volunteers had reported that a small tender had washed up ashore in Cutmill Creek, so I removed it and the Deputy Harbour Master is trying to contact the owner to come and retrieve it. I also removed a rope swing on the foreshore.

After having done a Friends of Chichester Harbour task at North Common last year, I went back there with a flail mower to finish off the work we started and cut back a hedge along a footpath to help with access to the site.

Our Friends volunteers have also been very active this month too, carrying out a habitat management task at Maybush Copse, and also planting a total of 468 young plants to create a new hedgerow at Old Park Farm with kind permission from the land owner.

Another landowner gave us access over his farm to get to the foreshore north of Rookwood. The footpath had become very over grown with brambles and the foreshore has been eroded by the sea. So we removed some of the brambles and planted a new hedgerow to help strengthen the bank.

A big thank you to all the volunteers who came out this month to help, because some of the tasks were really difficult to get to and generally hard work - thanks guys!

Until next time, keep enjoying the AONB.

Keith Rathbone

Countryside Ranger