Rangers Diary

February 2016

February 2016

Hello and welcome back to all my readers.

It seems like yesterday that it was Christmas, we are already at the end of February, time is whizzing by.  The Brent Geese are already doing their circuit training ready for the off. I expect some of you have noticed a decrease in the numbers. But we will probably not notice until the noise stops that they have all gone.  They usually go in the night which is why we never seem to see them come and go. I will miss them when they do, but knowing summer is coming makes up for it, and they will return so all is not lost.

The month has been so busy I have hardly had time to catch up with myself. Half term was fun packed and active with all sorts of events taking place. We had bat and bird box building day at Eames Farm and our Winter Wildlife Day at Northney Farm on Hayling Island. Both of the events were very busy. I would like to give a big thank you to all of the Volunteer Rangers and their partners who attended these events. It really made a difference, knowing that you were all there helping on the day.

I have also had a very busy month with the Friends of Chichester Harbour. There was a lot to do at the Dell, Chidham. There is a very large tree that has had all its branches taken off. Unfortunately we still have to try and remove the wood from around the base of the tree.  There is an annual Easter Duck Race event being held there soon. We all needed to clear the stream, widen the paths and clear the decks in time for the race. A big thank you to everyone who attended on the day. Also there has been hedge row planting, tree weeding, and fence line management in Nutbourne Marshes. Thanks for the hard work put in. The weather had been literally been horizontal rain and gusting winds on each occasion we were there.

In Chidham we have a new area to look after and help maintain. It is an old established orchard. A few of the Volunteer Rangers helped me with the task of pruning the fruit trees. This is to aid the trees in flower and fruit bearing. The orchard has been known to support many varieties of insects such as butterflies and bees, also birds, which visit the area. This includes the quite scarce Bullfinch, Greenfinch and Turtle Doves. Thanks to the VRs we managed to snip and tidy at least twenty trees. Hopefully this will encourage even more wildlife into the area and have a bumper crop for next year and onwards.

Well that's all from me stay tuned For Keith's report next month.

See you all whilst I'm out and about