Rangers Diary

June 2016

June 2016


Hello and welcome back to all my readers.

The month of June was indeed a blazing one at the beginning, but then we have had so many thunderstorms that I thought it was November at one point.

Even with this weather being so changeable, we still had the arrival of our Painted Lady butterflies, flying in from Africa. It is a welcome sight and if you do spot one, be sure to register them on the Butterfly Conservation Society website. All our butterflies and moths are under threat, mainly from habitat loss and weather patterns too. When the Friends of Chichester Harbour were carrying out a Ragwort pull at Chidham we noticed a Marbled White, Meadow Brown butterfly and a Cinnabar moth these will also be put on the register.

Also this month, we have had a lot of Friends work parties involved with habitat management around the harbour. We have had a tree weeding session at Bosham, litter picking on the beach and hedgerow tree weeding, at Nutbourne. We also had a beach clean at Pilsey Island and Thorney Island near Marker Point. I would like to say a big thank you to all of you who attended the tasks. I counted a total of over thirty bags of rubbish off of just Thorney Island alone. We also had a mini litter pick at Snowgoose House in Bosham; this was with the Volunteer Rangers, who cleared the site with Keith and me. We picked up old plant pots, pens, shotgun cartridges, dustbin lid, Crisp Packets, bottles, cans and bits of rope and string. Thank you to those of you who came out and did this with us. There will always be litterbugs around so we must all strive to do our bit and keep up the good work, making the harbour look as beautiful as we can. Plastic items seems to be the main perpetrator on the shore line and removing just a little piece is just as helpful if we all do it, or just take our litter home.

The weather has also created a jungle out there and the grass has taken a massive growth spurt, the amount of rain we have had has made it grow like it's been on steroids. Keith and I will be busily going round all the footpaths cutting them as soon as we can. So please bear with us we will get round as quick as we can. But until then you will have to stay tuned to see what next month brings to us. Please keep us informed of anything unusual you may see on your adventures around the Harbour, we are always keen to know, whether it be animals or plants good or bad.

Hope to see you all whilst I'm out and about