Rangers Diary

November 2016

November 2016

Hello and welcome back to all my readers.

Winter is coming as the Brent Geese are back, and as noisy as ever. The Birds will be starving hungry after their arrival. It is how we would say a long haul flight for them. Please take photos and have a little look, but not too long a Gander, small joke there. But be mindful that they need to feed up fat reserves ready for the flight home and for surviving our winter too. Unfortunately when flushing or making them fly it burns what little calories they get from grass, which then means they start all over again. So when we see this happen it is not much fun for them. I think they like their holiday here to be as relaxed as possible, I know I do. They do look plump which is deceiving as they are really not fat at all their only 3.5 lb roughly 1.6 kg at their heaviest, but do look very smart with it.

This month has been a very busy one; we have had some fantastic weather this month. It has been very mild and warm which means that Keith and I have been able to get work done that is really only achieved when its weather permitting.

With the help of the Friends of Chichester Harbour we have managed to do a Beach Clean at Pilsey Island. We managed to get over 15 bin bags full of rubbish. The bags had all sorts of strange things in them, such as an old shoe, toothbrush, scrubbing brush, rope, mop handle, bouncy ball and a whole Barbeque with the legs and wheels still attached. Although this was amusing, it is also sad to see this on our beaches. The majority of the stuff is all plastic and is all recyclable, well apart from the BBQ. It really highlights our need to look after our wildlife and environment.

We also had a work party at Earnley Triangle on Hayling Island, cutting back bramble and over grown tussocky grasses. Also this month the gang repaired a large chunk of footpath along Ellanore and Snowhill, we managed to move 6 tonnes of MOT Type 1 scalping. May I please say a very big thank you to all of our volunteers who came to the tasks.

I thought with Christmas approaching I would be going into hibernation, however it seems as usual the life of a Ranger is a busy, busy one and it has no signs of stopping. This is a good thing as it will keep me limber and not hibernating. Speaking of which if you do see a Hedgehog out in the day, please contact the Brent Lodge Wildlife Hospital on 01243 641672. They will advise you what to do, with these lovely little spiky things.

Well that's all from me this month, but stay tuned to read Keith's update next month. See you when I am out and about.