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Members 2017-2020

Jeremy Hunt (Chairman), West Sussex County Council

Ann Briggs (Vice Chairman), Hampshire County Council

Bill Acraman, West Sussex County Council
Graeme Barrett, Chichester District Council
Jackie Branson, Hampshire County Council
Adrian Moss, Chichester District Council
Christopher Savage, Advisory Committee
Louise Goldsmith, West Sussex County Council
Robert Macdonald, Advisory Committee
Keith Martin, Advisory Committee
Pieter Montyn, West Sussex County Council
Roger Price, Hampshire County Council
Lance Quantrill, Hampshire County Council
Ken Smith, Havant Borough Council
Mark Inkster, Havant Borough Council

Forthcoming meetings

6 April 2020

Past meetings

Conservancy 27 January 2020

Conservancy 11 November 2019

Conservancy 5 July 2019

Conservancy 24 June 2019

Conservancy 24 June Minutes 

Conservancy 15 April 2019

Advisory Committee

Members 2019-2022

Chris Savage (Chairman) Federation of Sailing Clubs

Robert Macdonald (Vice Chairman) Federation of Sailing Clubs

John Goodspeed, Naturalists
Oliver Chipperfield, Friends of Chichester Harbour
Tim Dapling, Sussex IFCA
John Nash, Chichester Harbour Federation
Lee Freeston, Wildfowlers
Richard Harmer, Recreational and Sports Anglers
Jo Brooksbank, Natural England
Simon Radford, Chichester Harbour Federation
Keith Martin, Chichester District Association of Local Councils
Grant McLaughlin, Professional Boatman's Association
Jackie Mellan, Environment Agency
Derek Russell, Royal Yachting Association
Jack Bentall, Farming and Landowners
Alison Wakelin, Commercial Interests
Chris Emery, Havant Residents

The Advisory Committee meet one week before each Conservancy meeting to consider the Conservancy agenda and papers.

Planning Committee members 

Keith Martin (Chairman) Conservancy

Alison Wakelin (Vice Chairman) Advisory Committee

Ann Briggs, Conservancy
Chris Emery, Advisory Committee
Adrian Moss, Conservancy
Mark Inkster, Conservancy
Pieter Montyn, Conservancy
Ken Smith, Conservancy
Heather Baker, Advisory Committee 

Future Meetings

20 April 2020 - Meeting cancelled due to Covid-19 . 

Past Meetings

DRAFT minutes of the meeting held on 2 March 2020

PC 2 March 2020

PC 20 January 2020

PC 16 December 2019

PC 11 November 2019

PC 14 October 2019

PC 15 July 2019

PC 3 June 2019

PC 13 May 2019

PC 4 March 2019

For papers from earlier meetings, please contact the Harbour Office.