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Know Your Harbour – Boating in Safety

This season, along with 'hard hitting' Colregs questions, we will be mixing in facts about the harbour and some tips, tricks and safety information all geared towards making Chichester Harbour a pleasant, fun and safe place for all.

Q. More buoyage this week!

You come across an uncharted navigational buoy which has red and black horizontal stripes and two black spheres, one above the other. What is it and what will its light characteristic be?

A. It is an Isolated Danger Mark. When obstructions or dangers to vessel navigation are discovered, this mark can be deployed to warn mariners. If the mark is uncharted then the local harbour authority will notify people through their Local Notices to Mariners. The light characteristic will be a repeating white double flash, Fl (2). All vessels should avoid this area while the mark is in place.

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