Archaeological Research Framework & Uncovering the Past

Early in 2004, Chichester Harbour Conservancy commissioned an Archaeology Research Framework for Chichester Harbour as part of its Heritage Lottery funded work. The aim of the document was to pull together all existing knowledge of the Harbour's Archaeology and to identify areas for future study.


Uncovering the Past

Uncovering the Past brings together all the archaeological research undertaken between 2004-2007 within Chichester Harbour Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. The document can be downloaded below as a pdf file.

Uncovering the Past (6.38Mb)

Archaeology Framework

The Archaeology Framework was produced by the Museum of London Archaeology Service and is now available as downloadable pdf files.

Due to the size of the Archaeology Framework, please download the sections as individual pdf files.

Title Page, Contents & Illustrations List


Geology and Coastal Change

Period Summaries

Palaeolithic - 450,000-12,000 BC

Mesolithic - 12,000-4,000 BC

Neolithic - 4,000-2,000 BC

Bronze Age - 2,000-600 BC

Iron Age - 600 BC-AD43

Prehistoric - 450,000-AD43

Roman - AD43-410

Early Medieval - AD410-1066

Medieval - AD1066-1485

Post Medieval and Industrial - AD 1485-1899

Modern - 1900-present

Features of unknown date

Thematic Summaries

Possible Research Projects and Activities and Acknowledgements