Swimming Advice

Much of the Harbour is unsuitable for swimming and the parents of young swimmers, and swimmers themselves, are reminded of the following basic precautions:-

  • Never dive or jump into water of an unknown depth.
  • Never dive or jump from any structure.
  • Never swim near moving boats, boats running their engines or boats which may depart their moorings.
  • Never swim in the fairway or navigable channels.
  • Never swim in strong currents and/or tides; these are particularly strong near the harbour entrance.
  • Never swim after consuming alcohol or after a meal.
  • Beware of the cold; hypothermia can kill.
  • It is not advisable to swim alone.
  • Always tell someone on the shore where you are swimming and when you expect to return to the shore.

Chichester Harbour Conservancy supports the RNLI’s national drowning prevention campaign, Respect the Water. It highlights the risks, helps you avoid them and gives advice to keep you and those around you safe.