24th - 25th October 2020

Welcome to the Weekly Navigation Bulletin.

To get in touch with our patrol team over the weekend call CHICHESTER HARBOUR PATROL on VHF Channel 14, or telephone the Harbour Office on 01243 512301. In an emergency please call 999 and ask for the Coastguard.

Covid-19 Response

Recreational Boating

The guidance issued by DEFRA for ‘Using a Boat Inland and on the Coast’ was withdrawn on 04 July 2020, meaning that there are no longer any specific restrictions on waterways businesses or recreational boating. This includes skippered charter and passenger boat operations, as well as those wishing to stay overnight on their boat.

To view our full Covid-19 statement please visit our website.

Vessel Traffic & Activity

Detailing notable vessel traffic, racing start times and other activities on the water that may affect navigation.

Saturday 24th October

South Harbour and Harbour Entrance
Hayling Island SC 1400 Various Classes

Chichester Channel
Itchenor SC 1030 – 1040 Keelboats
Itchenor SC 1100 Juniors, Various Classes
Bosham SC 1100 – 1110 Various Classes
Itchenor SC 1300 – 1410 RS 800, Singlehanders, Int 14
Itchenor SC 1410 – 1430 Keelboats

Sunday 25th October

South Harbour and Harbour Entrance
Hayling Island SC 1100 Various Classes
Mengeham Rythe SC 1030 Various Classes

Chichester Channel
Itchenor SC 1100 Juniors, Various Classes
Bosham SC 1100 – 1110 Various Classes
Itchenor SC 1300 – 1310  Various Classes

Chichester Marina Free Flow Times (BST)

Chichester Marina operates a ‘free flow’ for its lock during periods of high water to maintain water levels in the marina basin. For details of the times that the lock is in free flow please click here.

Know Your Harbour - Boating in Safety

This season, along with 'hard hitting' Colregs questions, we will be mixing in facts about the harbour and some tips, tricks and safety information all geared towards making Chichester Harbour a pleasant, fun and safe place for all.

Q. As the nights are drawing in you decide to give your navigation lights a check and clean. Polishing away, you wonder if there is any minimum range the lights must be seen.

Your vessel is less than 12 metres in length.

Click here for answer.

Other News

Harbour Dues

During our ongoing plaque checks we find that there are vessels that have purchased a current plaque, however it is not being displayed.

Harbour dues are deemed not to have been paid if not affixed so it is important to affix them to your port quarter – it saves us administration and you the chance of a fine!

If for any reason you are unable to get to your boat our Patrol team can affix your plaque for you. Call the Harbour Office for details.

Wash & Slow

Excess wash can cause serious problems for smaller craft. When making way against a tide, larger vessels can leave large waves behind them, even when travelling at or below the 8-knot speed limit.

We would urge all mariners to be aware of the wash from their vessel, and the effect it may have on nearby water users. Especially while transiting mooring areas, mariners should be aware of small vessel traffic, such as tenders, which could be taken unaware and are at risk of capsize.

While the speed limit in Chichester Harbour is 8-knots, vessels frequently need to travel slower than this to reduce their wash. Many harbours across the Solent area operate different speed restrictions, please click here for further information.

Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

A recent MAIB report highlights the dangers of carbon monoxide poisoning. An investigation has confirmed that two fatalities aboard a motor cruiser on the Rive Ouse in York in December 2019 were caused by faulty exhaust pipework on a diesel cabin heater allowing a small but steady flow of carbon monoxide to leak into the cabin space.

The full report can be read here. The main safety lessons for mariners is to ensure that diesel fuel heaters are installed by a professional installation engineer and that carbon monoxide alarms, meeting safety standard EN 50291-2:2010 (which are intended for use in a marine environment) are fitted in areas where carbon monoxide could accumulate and pose a risk to health.

Carbon monoxide is a silent killer. Its symptoms can be similar to colds, flu, hangovers or even Covid-19; headaches, dizziness, nausea, vomiting, tiredness, confusion, stomach pain and shortness of breath. If carbon monoxide poisoning is suspected, stop the source, get to open air and seek medical attention.

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