Weekend Navigation Bulletin 30th - 31st May 2020

The bulletin at this point is an information bulletin and we will return to the regular content and features when the current situation and official advice allows.

To get in touch with our patrol team call CHICHESTER HARBOUR PATROL on VHF Channel 14 or telephone the Harbour Office on 01243 512301. In an emergency please call 999 and ask for the Coastguard.

Covid 19 Response

Recreational Boating

On Wednesday 13 May, advice was issued by the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs confirming that all forms of water sport are now permitted under the latest Covid-19 advice issued by the Government.

DEFRA have stated that:

all forms of water sports practiced on open waterways, including sailing, windsurfing, canoeing, rowing, kayaking, surfing, paddle-boarding and the use of privately-owned motorised craft (in line with the guidance issued by the relevant navigation authority) are allowed. You can continue to use towpaths for walking, running and cycling, being mindful of other users and people living in boats along the water”

Chichester Harbour Conservancy can confirm that Chichester Harbour is open for recreational boating.

Please view the full statement on our website for further information.

A Q&A was produced by DEFRA on Wednesday 13 May detailing further Dos and Don'ts for recreational boaters. 

The Department for Transport have formally requested that through the British Ports Association (BPA), the UK Harbour Masters Association (UKHMA) and the Solent & Southern Harbour Masters Association (SASHMA) this information is passed on to their members.

Overnight Stays on Vessels Not Permitted

Mariners are reminded that current Government guidance for staying at your primary residence still applies. No overnight visits to private boats or for extended stays are permitted.

Harbour Dues Plaques 2020

Harbour Dues are payable on all vessels and craft using Chichester Harbour, from the largest motor-yachts to canoes, kayaks and paddle boards. Please contact the Harbour Office at Itchenor on 01243 512301 to have your Harbour Dues plaque posted to you.

Vessel Traffic and Activity

Detailing notable vessel traffic, racing start times and other activities on the water that may affect navigation.

Club Racing

Under the current guidance, Sailing Clubs are permitted to open providing that they can comply with social distancing regulations. Clubs are working hard to put systems in place to protect their employees, members, and visitors but there is an inevitable knock-on effect for the organisation of club racing. Please contact your sailing club for further information on available racing and protocols.

Mariners transiting the harbour should always keep a good lookout for racing fleets and fast moving performance craft. All vessels (involved in racing or otherwise) should always adhere to the Collision Regulations in the confined waters of Chichester Harbour.

Recreational Boating Restrictions Lifted

With the lifting of restrictions on all forms of recreational water sports, the harbour is likely to become busy as people take to the water, especially while schools remain closed.

Mariners are always requested to keep a watchful eye out when transiting Chichester Harbour and we would refer people to our Local Notices to Mariners, specifically:

LNTM No.02 of 2020 - General Instruction and Advice

Chichester Marina Free Flow Times

Chichester Marina operates a ‘free flow’ for its lock during periods of high water to maintain water levels in the marina basin. For details of the times that the lock is in free flow please click here.

Other News

Tender Safety

There are currently no ferry services operating in Chichester Harbour. The use of tenders is identified as a high-risk activity, and we caution mariners to take extra care when accessing their vessels. Click here for further advice.

Risks from Legionella

Owners of vessels that carry freshwater tanks should take care to clean their tanks and replace the water with fresh on a regular basis, particularly after long periods of low or infrequent use. Water stored in tanks for long periods, especially during periods of warm weather can become stagnant and prone to harbour the Legionella pneumophila bacterium, ingestion of which can lead to Legionnaires’ disease.

HM Coastguard Press Release

HM Coastguard have released a statement asking that people respect the coastline more than ever, after boating, swimming and other sea-based activities are now allowed once again in England. 

While people are allowed to go out on and in the water, they ask that people make sure they are safe and protected. Those with private boats and yachts should carry out all the usual safety checks and make sure they have a way to contact HM Coastguard if they get into difficulty.

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