How to help the environment whilst enjoying Chichester Harbour

Boat Trips

Respect the landscape, wildlife and heritage of Chichester Harbour

  • Please keep to the designated footpaths to avoid damaging the Harbour’s sensitive habitats.
  • Please use the Salterns Way if you are cycling – bicycles can damage our fragile Harbour footpaths
  • Keep dogs under control and clean up after them. Dogs can cause unnecessary disturbance to wildlife and habitats, and dog fouling spoils the Harbour’s natural beauty and can affect human health.

Raise your awareness of the local environment

Take time to learn more about this unique Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. Pop into the Harbour Office to pick up information, leaflets and guides. You will find interpretation panels all around the Harbour and these will tell you about the habitats and wildlife in each location.

Litter and Recycling

Please take your rubbish home after your visit – it is unsightly and can be damaging to wildlife. Take a bag when you go shopping, rather than buying one.

Compost or shred garden rubbish rather than burning it. Bonfires in harbourside properties must not be on the foreshore as they can damage the protected habitat.

Sustainable Transport

Walk, cycle, take the bus or car share to reduce your impact on the environment. Use the Salterns Way cycle route to travel between Chichester and West Wittering.

Buy locally produced goods and foods

Use local farm shops and craft centres. Many restaurants and cafes promote local, seasonal produce – if you are not sure where something has come from, just ask. You can buy local fish from a shop at East Wittering. See for a list of sustainable fish.

Three Harbours Beef is available from local shops and as a box scheme. The beef is produced from cows raised on local coastal grazing marsh. 

The Countryside Code

Always fllow the Countryside Code, it is good for you and good for the countryside.

Solar Power 

Take a trip on Solar Heritagea solar powered catamaran. Its engines are virtually silent so they don’t disturb the wonderful wildlife. You can get close to birds and seals and learn about the Harbour from an experienced guide.  

Be a Green Blue Sailor

By taking a few simple steps, you can reduce your environmental impact. Check the Green Blue website for more details and use pump out facilities at Chichester Marina and by the Harbour Office at Itchenor.