UK/EU Entry & Exit Rules

Following the United Kingdom’s exit from the European Union, owners of recreational pleasure craft (non-commercial) who sail their craft to and from the United Kingdom (including the Channel Islands) must notify the UK border authorities upon their first arrival into a UK port.

Before arriving in or leaving the UK (which includes going to the Channel Islands), you must advise the Border Force of your intentions through the Pleasure Craft Report Service (sPCR). The new digital pleasure craft report is a one-stop service, recording all necessary information for both Border Force and HMRC. The previous C1331 can still be downloaded and posted if required (the address it must be posted to can be found on the form), however where possible, Border Force encourages the use and promotion of the new digital service.

If you are arriving from outside the UK (and this includes the Channel Islands) you must fly the ‘Q’ flag, where it can readily be seen, as soon as you enter UK waters (the 12 mile limit, where another country or territorial waters have been visited). The flag must not be taken down until you have finished reporting to the customs authorities. Failure to comply will make you liable to a penalty.

Since 01 January 2022 it has been a legal requirement to report your departure from and arrival in the UK by pleasure craft. Anyone who owns, or is responsible for, a pleasure craft that sails to or from locations outside the UK and the Isle of Man is required to provide information about: 

  • UK VAT that has not been paid on the vessel
  • you have on board goods which are to be treated as surplus stores as per Notice 69A.
  • you have any prohibited or restricted goods
  • there is any notifiable illness on board
  • there are any people on board who need immigration clearance
  • any repairs or modifications, other than running repairs, have been carried out since the vessel last left the UK
  • you have any goods for personal use on which you need to declare and pay UK tax or duty

For further information, please view the Government Notice.