Nature Recovery

Nature Recovery in Chichester Harbour

Chichester Harbour Protection and Recovery of Nature


Chichester Harbour Protection and Recovery of Nature (CHaPRoN) is a long-term partnership initiative to help respond to the increasing pressures on Chichester Harbour.

Our key objective is to protectenhance and drive recovery of the natural environment within Chichester Harbour National Landscape and help create a landscape more resilient to climate change.

We aim to increase biodiversity, protect and restore fragile coastal ecosystems, maximise the benefits that society gains from the natural environment, connect people and communities with nature and develop sustainable solutions to support nature recovery for generations to come.

Due to the significant decline in saltmarsh, seagrass and native oysters within the Harbour we’re initially focusing on these ecologically important subtidal and intertidal habitats, with our remit extending to the wider nature recovery network over time.

Our approach is partnership-based, bringing people, organisations and communities together, aligning interests and creating innovative and adaptable solutions to enable nature and people to thrive in harmony.

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