Byelaws | Boat Licensing | Compliance & Enforcement

All mariners should read through the byelaws affecting navigation and use of Chichester Harbour. The byelaws should be read in conjunction with the Local Notices to Mariners.

Boat licensing and inspection

Rules apply to owners and operators of craft let for hire or used for carrying paying passengers within Chichester Harbour.

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Compliance and Enforcement Policy

The Conservancy has a duty to regulate the use of the harbour within its jurisdiction as defined in the Chichester Harbour Conservancy Act 1971, including vessel traffic, by means of Byelaws, Special Directions, Harbour Directions and national and international legislation (such as the International Regulations for the Prevention of Collisions at Sea). The principle powers available to the Conservancy are detailed in Schedule 1.

The Compliance and Enforcement Policy sets out the Conservancy’s overall approach to achieving compliance and provides information about the general principles the Conservancy will follow, including a number of available enforcement options.

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