Focus Areas

The CHaPRoN initiative focuses on 8 core areas which are important for enabling long term change within Chichester Harbour and restoring our vital ecosystems.  

Reversing decline

Reversing the decline in biodiversity across the Harbour over the past 70 years and restoring nature, is a complex and wide-reaching task, tackling a number of complicated and inter-connected areas of work.

To help turn our strategy into delivery, prioritise projects and actions, and determine workstreams, we have developed 8 key focus areas that will assist in driving forward the CHaPRoN ambition. It is worth noting that although we have developed separate areas, there is significant overlap between them and progress in one focus area will also support other areas.

Our focus areas

The 8 key focus areas are:

  1. Coastal Resilience & Saltmarsh Restoration
  2. Seabed Disturbance and Seagrass Restoration
  3. Water Quality and Clean Harbour
  4. Shellfish Populations
  5. Marine and Farmland Birds
  6. Landscape and Nature Recovery Network
  7. Engagement and Connecting People with Nature
  8. Green Funding

Importantly, the focus on these 8 key areas, also enables CHaPRoN to engage with wider stakeholders who are interested in supporting specific areas of work, to align objectives and develop further partnership initiatives.