Nature’s Classroom – Education in Chichester Harbour

In Chichester Harbour, education takes on a whole new dimension as the Chichester Harbour Education Centre team transform the great outdoors into an immersive learning experience.

The impact of the Education Centre reaches far and wide with over 9,000 students from primary schools to secondary and beyond visiting each year. More than 200 schools, mainly from West Sussex and Hampshire, visit for field trips exploring the coastal habitats, wildlife and rivers of the Chichester Harbour National Landscape.

The field trips are more than just a change from the classroom. Whether studying the effects of climate change on coastal ecosystems or exploring the intricacies of river habitats, learning in the natural world can have a transformative effect.  By engaging in hands-on fieldwork, students develop critical thinking, problem-solving, and analytical skills.

It’s not just about academics, the Education Centre emphasises the development of life skills. Through exploring, investigating, and debating environmental issues, young people deepen their understanding of the natural world whilst cultivate skills that serve them well beyond the classroom.

Gateway to a world of discovery, adventure and growth, Chichester Harbour Education Centre is a unique local resource.  Students of all ages return to school brimming with newfound knowledge, skills and confidence, often with an understanding and appreciation for their local environment that will continue to inspire them into adulthood.

Reaching beyond schools, the Education Team host workshops, events, and activities engaging local communities of all ages. From preschooler’s Harbour Tots to photography workshops, events raise awareness of the environment and foster a sense of connection to the landscape, enriching the local community and surrounding areas.