Current Harbour Dues and Charges (2024-25)

How to Pay

By email – there will be a quick pay link on your invoice. For new customers, please complete the online application form below.

By phone – call 01243 512301, you can pay by card.

In person – at the Harbour Office in Itchenor. Alternatively, at the Harbour Office in Emsworth or to the Patrol Team.

Once you have applied for annual harbour dues, you will be on our system and will be sent a reminder by email each February. You can then use the link in that email to pay online.

Paddlesports – Paddleboards, Canoes, Kayaks, Windsurfers and Wingfoils

Paddle craft up to 4m – annual harbour dues rate: £19

All Other Vessels

Overall length in metresAnnual Charge7 Day Charge2 Day ChargeDaily
FromNot Exceeding(inc VAT £)(inc VAT £)(inc VAT £)(inc VAT £)
Up to 3m19.0015.007.506.50
Over 20m377.4068.0021.5014.00

Concessionary Rates

  1. Tenders up to 3 metres used to access a registered parent vessel in the Harbour – annual harbour dues rate £9.45. Tenders up to 4 metres – annual harbour dues rate £14.45 (limited to one tender per parent vessel).
  2. Paddlecraft to to 4 metres annual harbour dues rate £19.00
  3. Reduced rates: Vessels entering the Harbour for the first time, after 30 September, will be charged the normal daily or weekly harbour dues or 50% of the annual dues and charges as applicable.
  4. Defaced plaques: Boatyards and private owners who are laying up or refitting any vessel afloat may be issued, upon application to the Harbour Master, with a defaced harbour dues plaque at 25% of the annual rate FOR ONE YEAR ONLY. This covers the passage into and out of the harbour once only.
  5. A charge of 25% of the normal annual harbour dues will be made in respect of vessels owned by educational establishments with instructional boating sections or by youth organisations upon application, subject to the approval of the Harbour Master.
  6. Vessels not normally sailed in the Harbour, but taking part in open races organised by a local club will be charged at a rate of £3.50 for up to two days or £5.00 for one week (inc VAT). This concession is limited to vessels not exceeding 6.3 metres in length.


  1. No parking is allowed on Conservancy hards or land. Penalty £50.00.
  2. Annual plaques are not transferable from one vessel to another without prior approval from the Harbour Office.
  3. Boatyards may be issued with trade plates, which are transferable from one vessel to another in their ownership or care.
  4. Refunds of harbour dues are calculated by deducting from the annual dues paid, the amount of weekly dues payable for the period, from the date of issue.
  5. An administration charge of £50.00 will be made, in addition to any penalty charge, for correspondence in connection with non-payment or non-display of harbour dues plaques.
  6. When measuring the length of a vessel for harbour dues; all protruding fittings, e.g. bowsprits, bow-rollers, pulpits, davits, bathing platforms, outboard brackets are to be included.
  7. Canoes and rowing skiffs, holding up to two persons, will be charged up to a maximum of the 5 metre annual rate.
  8. Owners of Personal Water Craft are to register their craft with the Harbour Office before using the harbour. The combined registration and harbour dues fee will be charged at the 5 metre annual rate.

Other Charges and Services

Chains. Securing under 5m open vessels to Conservancy ChainsAnnual Weekly55.00 11.00
Replacement plaques 10.00
Affixing plaques to vessels in marinas or on Conservancy moorings at the owner’s request25.00
Conservancy Maintenance PilesOne low tide24.00
Beaching vessels for maintenance purposes on Conservancy hards or land for first 24 hours. Use of electricity and/or water – charged at Maintenance Piles rate.No Charge
Any 24 hour period thereafter11.00
Showers Per token2.00
Launching and/or recovery using a trailer or trolley from Conservancy hardsAnnual75.00
Boathouse & LockersFor Westlands mooring holders onlyAnnual55.00
Berthing alongside Dell Quay quayCharge per metre per day35.25
Berthing alongside Itchenor jettyFirst 20 minutes free of charge. No other berthing allowed without express permission of the Harbour MasterPer hour35.25
Berthing alongside Emsworth jetty & Dell Quay jettyFirst 2 hours free of charge. No other berthing allowed without express permission of the Harbour MasterPer hour35.25

Call the Harbour Office on 01243 512301 to book or pay for any of these services. Alternatively contact Patrol on VHF Channel 14 – Call Sign ‘CHICHESTER HARBOUR PATROL’ or ‘CHICHESTER HARBOUR RADIO’