The Conservancy

A unique organisation managing land and water

Chichester Harbour Conservancy was established by the Chichester Harbour Conservancy Act 1971. Our duty is the conservancy, maintenance and improvement of the Harbour and the Amenity Area for recreation and leisure, nature conservation and natural beauty. We are the statutory Harbour Authority, esponsible for the safety of navigation, the regulation of moorings, works and dredging, enforcement of harbour byelaws and the collection of dues and charges.

The Conservancy also acts as the Joint Advisory Committee for the Chichester Harbour National Landscape (Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty) that was designated in 1964.  We manage the National Landscape on behalf of the four constituent local authorities, West Sussex County Council, Hampshire County Council, Chichester District Council and Havant Borough Council.  As the Joint Advisory Committee, the Conservancy is consulted on planning policies and planning applications affecting the area.

The Conservancy works with landowners and other stakeholders in matters such as nature conservation, biodiversity, public access and landscape improvements. We undertake projects to conserve and enhance the area’s natural beauty while helping visitors to learn about and value this special place. We have set out our vision to 2050 and our continuing values as part of our Chichester Harbour Management Plan.