Our solar-powered tour boat gets an eco-friendly antifoul upgrade

eco-friendly antifoul

An eco-friendly antifoul was recently applied to Chichester Harbour Conservancy’s solar-powered tour boat. The Solar Heritage, underwent routine maintenance at Hayling Yacht Company on Hayling Island and following the application of a new silicone-based antifoul, the boat’s green credentials are better than ever.

The majority of antifouls used on vessels throughout the UK contain biocides, copper or zinc, resins and pigments which leach into the water through the lifetime of the boat.  As well as leaching into the water, the components in the antifoul can make their way into the harbour if not removed with care. Many of the compounds found in antifoul can accumulate in marine organisms, finding their way further up the food chain as well as negatively affecting water quality.

Hayling Yacht Company applied something different to the Solar Heritage, a silicone-based eco-friendly antifoul produced by Hempel.  Biocide-free, it forms a hydrogel – a surface so smooth that nothing sticks to it.  As well as its eco-credentials, the SilicOne product provides an improvement in vessel speed and fuel-efficiency – by up to 8%!

Eco-friendly antifouls are growing in popularity, now used on vessels operated by the US Coastguard, Maersk Shipping and the Royal Navy.  The popularity is starting to increase within the boating community too, with owners of yachts and power boats keen to embrace the ecological and efficiency benefits.

You can find out more about choosing, removing and applying antifoul on your own boat by visiting the RYA’s Green Blue website:  www.thegreenblue.org.uk

A trip on the Solar Heritage is a great way to enjoy Chichester Harbour.  Glide peacefully through the water on Harbour Discovery tours, Seal Safaris and evening cruises, enjoying our precious habitats, watching the wildlife and learning about the harbour. Trips depart from Itchenor and Emsworth.