CHaPRoN Annual Review

CHaPRoN was formed to protect, enhance and drive recovery of the natural environment within Chichester Harbour and help create a landscape more resilient to climate change. It is a partnership initiative, bringing stakeholders together to align interests and work collaboratively to deliver greater outcomes. As part of this work, we’ve now shared our first CHaPRoN Annual Review to detail some of the progress which has been made.

The Review covers the period from January 2022 to March 2023.  It shares details of some of CHaPRoN’s key achievements during this period, including the announcement of its partnership in the Solent Seascape Project and the formation of a new partnership with East Head Impact, a local charitable trust. Both partnerships bring funding to support delivery across the CHaPRoN initiative. The Review also considers some of the priorities for the coming year ahead.

Progress is reported under the key Focus Areas:

  1. Coastal Resilience & Saltmarsh Restoration
  2. Seabed Disturbance & Seagrass Restoration
  3. Water Quality & Clean Harbour
  4. Shellfish Populations
  5. Marine & Farmland Birds
  6. Landscape & Nature Recovery Network
  7. Engagement & Connecting People with Nature
  8. Green Funding

Each of the Focus Areas are progressing at different rates, as would be expected, due in part to the complexities of the subject areas and the deployment of available resource. Collectively, significant progress has been made towards CHaPRoN’s aims, demonstrating the substantial value of collaborative and partnership working.

Read the CHaPRoN Annual Review in full here: