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The primary purpose of the Harbour Patrol is to help everyone safely enjoy the stunning natural environment that is Chichester Harbour.

We provide friendly advice, assistance and directions that can help you to launch your boat, find a great anchorage for lunch, start a troublesome outboard or a find a suitable overnight mooring.

When things don't go to plan we are experienced and well equipped to deal with a wide range incidents such as vessels sinking or aground, a failed engine, oil spills or a medical emergency.

Protection of the peace, beauty and safety of Chichester Harbour is a priority for us. Enforcement of the Harbour Byelaws ensure that harbour users are protected from factors such as speeding vessels, anti social behaviour, undue wash or dangerous seamanship. In addition, we work closely with various Police units to monitor and reduce marine crime.

The Harbour Patrol manages much of the harbour facilities that are used by all. These includes our hards, pontoons and the Itchenor car park along with collection of Harbour dues, launching and overnight mooring fees.

Our Deputy Harbour Masters, Philip Walker and Adrian Karn, are joined at busy times by Ed Carter, Damian Homer, Mike Hayes and a team of seasonal Assistant Patrol Officers.

Small boat auction

The small boat auction has now concluded and successful bidders have been notified.

Closing date for tenders was 0800 Tuesday 3 January 2017


Help us to help you

We are always impressed with the vigilance of residents and harbour users who help keep us informed. You are our additional eyes and ears covering the 50 miles of shoreline and 17 miles of navigable channels of the harbour.

If you see someone needing assistance, anything suspicious, a boat low in the water, an injured bird - no matter how small or seemingly insignificant - please get in contact.

Contact us

Harbour Office
Itchenor, PO20 7AW

Tel: 01243 512301
Fill out an Incident Report or email us.

Photos by Paul Adams

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Thank you for your assistance with my tangled mooring buoy. From the crew of the Teddy Rose. Oct 2013

I wanted to register my appreciation for the professional and courteous service from the Conservancy following my call about two young sailors in difficulties in the Thorney Channel. I called the Conservancy who organised collecting the boys and arranging to get their small yacht safely to their moorings. I was very grateful for the fast action in quickly sorting a minor incident which could have proved more difficult for these schoolboys in relatively chilly conditions. My grateful thanks, Tim Bishop Oct 2013

'Thanks to the guys on the Harbour Patrol RIB for checking our Blue Moon after I had what turned out to be a false alarm. Amazing customer service from a professional gang - well done!' Hugh Cripps