Fishbourne Village sits along the line of the Roman Road. It has a church dating to the 13th century and a mill pond with very friendly ducks. The nearby meadows and reedbeds are wonderful places to explore. The Roman Palace is an excellent place to visit for anyone studying the Romans or local history.

In the past

Fishbourne Roman Palace was discovered in 1960, by accident, during the digging of a water mains trench. After a series of excavations, it was found that the site had developed from a military base at the time of the Roman invasion in AD43 to a sumptuous Palace by the end of the first Century.  Over the years there have been six mills in Fishbourne, four worked by water and two windmills. Traces of them are still there. Look at the Harbour Uses Timeline to find out more.

Find out more

Visit the Roman Palace.

Look at the Evidence Timeline to see pictures of some of the finds from Fishbourne.

Go to to learn more about the Roman Palace and to find out about Roman life. 

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