Thorney Island


Thorney is joined to the mainland. The island is an MOD base for the Royal Artillery. You can walk around the island on the public footpath. There is a sailing club and medieval church. The main road follows the line of the Wadeway that was used when Thorney was still an Island.

In the past

Remains of human burials have been found dating from the Bronze Age.

An Iron Age dish was found.

West Thorney is mentioned in the Doomsday Book of 1086, as having a settlement. By 1810 there were only 10 houses being lived in on the Island.

Thorney is joined to the mainland by land reclaimed from the sea in 1870.

In 1935 houses in West Thorney were destroyed to make a runway for the Royal Air Force.

In World War 2 the Island was a Battle of Britain base and was used by the RAF for training.

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