Waste Management

Facilities for yachtsmen's landed waste are provided at all main landing points around the harbour. Chichester Harbour Conservancy maintains a Maritime and Coastguard Agency approved Port Waste Management Plan (PWMP) on behalf of all the marinas, boatyards and sailing clubs within the harbour that provide mooring facilities for vessels that go to sea.

A theme of this version of the PWMP is recycling. Many of the waste reception facilities within the harbour provide facilities to dispose of glass, paper, card, plastic bottles, tins and oil. We strongly encourage yachtsmen to separate their waste and make full use of the recycling facilities and help to reduce the amount of waste that goes to landfill.

While all of the organisations included within the PWMP endeavour to provide the right mix of facilities for their customers and to run them in a clean and efficient manner, there is always room for improvement. If you identify shortfalls in the provision of facilities or in the way they are run please take them up with the organisation concerned. If you have a specific complaint that is not being dealt with adequately please address it to Richard Craven.

Recycling Information Leaflet


The latest version of the Port Waste Management Plan can be downloaded here or from the Additional Downloads panel on the right. This document details the facilities that are available and includes maps of where to find them.


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