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2018/2019 Season

The enquiry/application lists for the 2018/2019 season will open on 01 October (00:01am). To apply please complete an application form, applications for next season made before 01 October will not be accepted.

Mooring Vacancies in 2017

We are still accepting mooring applications for the remainder of the 2017/2018 season. You can express your interest in a mooring by submitting an application form

Moorings will be allocated on a first-come-first-served basis and the waiting lists are only open for the following mooring categories where there are currently no vacancies:

Mooring Class & Category Application Status
A1 (Itchenor) LIST CLOSED
A2 (Sweare Deep) LIST CLOSED
A3 (Sweare Deep) LIST CLOSED
Other Mooring Categories (Itchenor) APPLICATIONS INVITED
Other Mooring Categories (Emsworth, Nutbourne) APPLICATIONS INVITED

Along with our smaller mooring vacancies, we currently have a limited number of A2 ‘Temporary Hirer' spaces available for the 2017/18 season at Itchenor, these would suit a vessel between 9 metres and 11 metres LOA. Temporary Hirer vessels are subject to movement between temporarily vacant moorings.

There are also a limited number of summer season A2 moorings available in the Bosham Channel that would suit a vessel between 9 metres and 11 metres LOA.

Some mooring categories (ie: A1 and A2's in certain areas) are currently experiencing very high demand with a large number of vessels on the waiting list, these lists have been temporarily closed for new applications and further information will be on this page when vacancies become available.

For mooring categories where there are currently vacancies please contact the Moorings Officer Ed Carter on 01243 510980 or email for more information.

A Conservancy mooring offers the opportunity for you to experience some of the best of this stunning natural environment. Located in the most idyllic settings our sheltered moorings offer a cost effective way to enjoy this Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

Whether you are seeking a convenient base to access the Solent and beyond, cruise the 17 miles of harbour channels or just enjoy the simple pleasures of lunch or a drink tied up aboard our moorings are perfectly located.

A regular water taxi service is available between April and October, alternatively there is dinghy storage available on the adjacent Hards which allows you to be afloat as quickly or as leisurely as you choose.

You can relax knowing your mooring equipment is regularly maintained to the highest standards. Our friendly team are on hand to assist and regularly check on everything when you're not around.

Facilities like toilets, showers, bookable scrubbing piles and great pubs ensure your maintenance AND creature comforts are met - all in one place.

We look forward to discussing availability, rates and your specific requirements.

Give us a call and let us help you to access and enjoy Chichester Harbour.


Harbour Map
Church Rithe Emsworth Deep & 3/4 Tide Emsworth Pool Girthe Rithe Itchenor Reach Sweare Deep

Latest News

2017 - 2018 Mooring Fees

NB: A 20% deposit is required to reserve the mooring for the 2017 season which starts on 01 April, the balance of the mooring fee and harbour dues is required by 31 March 2017. All rates quoted below are for the 12 month period from 1 April 2017 to 31 March 2018 and include VAT at 20%.

Should you have any specific queries please do not hesitate to contact Ed Carter, Moorings Officer on 01243 510980 or complete the application form to enquire about a suitable vacancy for your boat.


Category & Class

The moorings are to categorised to maximum length of boat allowed on the mooring, and classified according to the charted depth at the location of the mooring. Please note all vessels must also pay Harbour Dues.


A - Deepwater mooring more than 0.5m
B - 3/4 Tide mooring 0.5 to 'dries 1.0m'
C - 1/2 Tide mooring 'dries 1.1m' to 'dries 2.5m'


1 XL - 16.01 metres to 18 metres
1     - 14.01 metres to 16 metres

2XL  - 11.01 metres to 14 metres
2     - 9.01 metres to 11 metres

3     - 6.01 metres to 9 metres

4     - Up to 6 metres


Church Rithe

Good access from Northney Marina area or tidal access from Langstone village.

NB: The Marina will charge for launching a tender from the marina, this includes car parking.  If you wish to keep the tender in the Marina compound there is an additional charge.

2017 - 2018 Charges:

B3 - £751.50 inc VAT (NB: Moorings UC 10, 11, 12 & 13 B3 have a 33% discount)
C3 - £431.69 inc VAT

A small Rithe that runs NW from the western end of Sweare Deep. Access is possible from Northney Marina; please contact the Marina for launching fees - 02392 466321. Access is also possible from the village of Langstone, although more restricted by the tide. The moorings are laid in a single line of 13 in number B3 moorings, and 8 in number C3 moorings. These moorings are ideally placed for sailing from this part of the harbour.

PDF Information Sheet


Emsworth Deep & 3/4 Tide

2017 - 2018 Charges:

A2 XL - £1,654.58 inc VAT
A2 - £1,550.94 inc VAT
A3 - £1,237.09 inc VAT

Full Tide - Deepwater Moorings: Emsworth Channel offers good deepwater moorings for boats up to 12m & 9m. These moorings offer good access to the harbour and the eastern Solent. Dinghies may be kept on the Conservancy hard adjacent to the South Street slipway or by the pontoon on the sea wall, from where the complimentary ferry operates. Emsworth Yacht Harbour also offers dinghy storage with car parking facilities.

B3 - £751.50 inc VAT (NB: Moorings EC 89, 85, 81, 77, 73, 69, 65, 61, 57, 55 & 51 B3 have a 33% discount)

¾ tide Moorings: These moorings offer full tide access during the neap tide cycle but will dry for a short period during the spring tides. The moorings offer a good alternative for those boats that can take the ground with the benefit of access during the neaps.

Dinghy Chain Hire: - £45.00 inc VAT

Car Parking in Emsworth

Bridge Street - Free Car Park

Palmers Road (behind Tesco's) - A pay and display car park, currently £4.00/day. It is possible to pay for extended periods via the RingGo system by telephone. To use this system it is necessary to register your details, which can be done through their website . Details are displayed on the Pay and Display meter.  The telephone contact number is 02392 980098 and the Location Ref for this car park is  3306

South Street - A Pay and Display car park with a maximum stay of 4 hours

NB: Havant Borough Council offer a season ticket - 3 months for £150,  call 0300 555 0705 for details

Mooring Map:  PDF Information Sheet


Emsworth Pool

A complimentary ferry for Conservancy mooring hirers operates +/- 2hrs either side of HW on Fri/Sat/Sun and Bank Holidays from I April - 30 Sept. Operating times are 2hrs either side of HW, between the 0830 - 1700. Car Parking is available as pay and display in the town car parks.  The Bridge Street Car Park is free, parking at the Palmers Road site (behind Tescos) is £4.00/day which can be extended via the RingGo system via your phone. Parking in South Street is restricted to a maximum of 4 hrs.

2017 - 2018 Charges:

C3 - £431.69

inc VAT

Dinghy Chain Hire - £45.00 inc VAT

These C3 moorings lying just south of Emsworth town offer a good half tide facility for boats up to 9m, drying on to soft mud with easy access +/- 3 hrs either side of HW. Dinghies may be kept on the Conservancy hard adjacent to the South Street slipway or by the pontoon on the sea wall, from where the complimentary ferry operates. Emsworth Yacht Harbour also offers dinghy storage with car parking facilities; when calling mention you are a Conservancy customer for the best rates.

PDF Information Sheet


Girthe Rithe

2017 - 2018 Charges:

C3 - £289.23
Dinghy chain hire - No Charge

The C3 moorings at Girte Rithe offer half tide moorings at a 33% reduction in the standard rate, due to the restricted access +/- 2 hrs either side of HW. Dinghies may be kept on the Conservancy hard at Nore Barn, these are available free of charge. Car parking in this area is limited to on street parking.

PDF Information Sheet


Itchenor Reach

A commercial ferry operates at weekends from 1 April to mid May, from when a seven day service operates until mid September, the ferryman listens on VHF Channel 8 or Mobile 07970 378350 he will take you and your equipment to your mooring for a small charge.
The jetty at Itchenor has fresh water available (you will need to provide your own hose) and a waste water pump-out facility is also available for those boats with holding tanks. Boats may use the jetty for picking up stores and passengers for a period up to 20 mins; this is a very busy jetty during the summer months.
Two sets of scrubbing piles are available on the Hard ( £18 per low tide cycle) these each have piped fresh water, the western set of piles also can be served by electricity from an adjacent power point (you will need approx. 100m extension lead).
Showers are available at The Harbour Office, Itchenor, tokens are £1.50 each and can be bought from the Office, Patrol Staff or the Ferry man. Car parking is available at Itchenor for £5 per day or £100 for a season ticket.

2017 - 2018 Charges:

A1 XL - £2,431.72 inc VAT
A1 - £2,270.15 inc VAT
A2 XL - £1,803.43 inc VAT
A2 - £1,641.82 inc VAT
A3 - £1,307.29 inc VAT
A4 - £1,077.11 inc VAT
B3 - £790.52 inc VAT
B4 - £677.16 inc VAT

The Conservancy maintains over 380 swinging moorings in this busy hub of the Harbour, the deepwater moorings here are accessible at all states of the tide. We are able to accommodate vessels of all types on swinging moorings in the Reach in the areas on the plot. Dinghy storage is available on the public hard at Itchenor. For boats moored in the eastern end of the Reach, access is also possible from our Westlands Hard.

PDF Information Sheet



Access to mooring from dinghy chains at Prinsted Point +/- 3hrs either side of HW. Access from Thornham Marina +/- 2 hrs either side of HW. Free Car Parking and use of Clubhouse facilities for Conservancy hirers.

2017 - 2018 Charges:

A2* - £1,039.13 inc VAT
A3   - £828.85 inc VAT

* There are a small number of class 2 moorings suitable for shallow draft vessels over 9m at the north eastern end of the channel which are ideal for multihull boats.

PDF Information Sheet


Sweare Deep

This location offers good access from the nearby Northney Marina; please contact the Marina for launching fees on 02392 466321

2017 - 2018 Charges:

A2 XL - £1,803.43 inc VAT
A2 - £1,641.82 inc VAT
A3 - £1,307.29 inc VAT

Deep water moorings in this area are highly sought after, subsequently vacancies are rare.

PDF Information Sheet


Guide to Using a Swinging Mooring

Read our short Guide to Using a Swinging Mooring to make sure your boat is moored safely and securely. If you have any questions please contact the Moorings Officer.

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