Harbour Staff

The majority of the Harbour Staff are based at the Itchenor Harbour Office and can be contacted on 01243 512301 or by email


Richard Craven
Director & Harbour Master

Richard leads the management of the Chichester Harbour and the Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty
Email: richard@conservancy.co.uk

Richard joined the Conservancy in 1998 as the Deputy Harbour Master, having previously worked as a commercial fisherman and Fisheries Officer. He became the Harbour Master in 2010 and takes up the position of Director and Harbour Master 1 February 2016.

He is the Principal Officer of Chichester Harbour Conservancy responsible for managing Chichester Harbour and the Chichester Harbour AONB in accordance with the policies of the Conservancy. This includes responsibility for the Conservancy's Statutory Harbour Authority responsibilities.

Outside of work Richard is an experienced yachtsman and enjoys getting on the water when he can, and has a keen interest in the natural environment.


Phil Walker
Deputy Harbour Master (Operations)

Phil assists the Harbour Master in running a safe harbour
Email: phil@conservancy.co.uk

Phil started in 2004 as a seasonal Patrol Officer. He has a background in recreational sailing and racing and holds a commercially endorsed Yachtmaster and Advanced Powerboat Certificate. Phil leads the Patrol team, focussing on working with sailing clubs and all Harbour users to ensure safety and customer satisfaction. He enjoys home life and walking his Jack Russells on the South Downs.


 Phil Walker

Adrian Karn
Deputy Harbour Master (Health & Safety Manager)

Adrian assists the Harbour Master in running a safe harbour
Email: karn@conservancy.co.uk

Adrian joined the Conservancy in 1997 as a Seasonal Patrol Assistant. He undertook this role for three years, before moving to a full-time role as a Harbour Technician. In 2013 Adrian achieved a distinction in his Harbour Master's Diploma and now manages the Harbour Technicians. He is also responsible for the Conservancy's passenger vessels, vessel licensing and safety management. Outside of work, he is a keen fisherman and all-round sportsman.


 Adrian Karn

Damian Homer
Lead Technician

Damian works with the Harbour Team in running a safe harbour.

Damian joined the team in 2016.  He is an experienced marine engineer keen to tackle new challenges in his new role.


Ed Carter
Moorings Officer

Ed works with the Harbour Team looking after the moorings and working with the Patrol Team.
Email: ed.carter@conservancy.co.uk

Ed joined us in 2013 as a seasonal Patrol Officer then progressed to Harbour Technician before becoming Moorings Officer in 2016. He has a background in recreational sailing and is a seasoned sailing instructor, and spent time teaching in the Mediterranean. In his spare time he enjoys cycling, walking and camping.

Mike Hayes
Harbour Technician

Mike works with the Harbour Team to run a safe harbour

Mike joined Chichester Harbour Conservancy in 2015 as a Patrol Officer after a working with IFCA.  He started his role as Harbour Technician in 2016.


Sid Kennett
Harbour Hand

Sid assists the Harbour Team in running a safe harbour
Email: info@conservancy.co.uk

Sid has worked as a Harbour Hand at Emsworth from the 1960s, even before the Conservancy was created! Generations of his family have lived in Emsworth working as fishermen. Based at the small Harbour Office in South Street, Sid helps harbour users and works with the team to maintain moorings. When not at work, Sid enjoys fishing and the odd continental cruise.

 Sid Kennet

Richard Austin
AONB Manager

Richard leads with the management of the Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty
Email: aonbmanager@conservancy.co.uk

Richard joined the Conservancy in 2013. He arrived here from Northumberland National Park Authority, where he spent seven years, and prior to that, three years at Darlington Borough Council. Richard's professional development includes a doctorate in protected area management from Newcastle University. When not at work or studying, Richard enjoys hiking and playing football. Richard manages the environment staff and is responsible for overseeing the delivery of the AONB Management Plan (2014-2019).

 Richard Austin

Nicky Horter
Countryside Officer

Nicky works with Judith to promote understanding and enjoyment of the AONB
Email: nicky@conservancy.co.uk

Nicky joined the Conservancy in 2004 to work on the HLF Rhythms of the Tide project after completing an MSC in Coastal Zone Management. Managing the Ranger team, Nicky plans site and access management to provide the best possible access to the AONB for people of all abilities. In addition she manages the Sustainable Development Fund grant scheme and coordinates the production and delivery of the AONB Management Plan. Outside of work, Nicky is mostly to be found riding and competing her horse Cheeko.


 Nicky Horter

Judith Meagher
Project Officer & Countryside Officer (Maternity cover)

Judith works with Nicky to promote understanding and enjoyment of the AONB
Email: judith@conservancy.co.uk

Judith joined the Conservancy in 2014.  She is currently updating all the interpretation boards around the Harbour and helping to secure the future of Salterns Way.  She has previously worked for the Environment Agency, Portsmouth Water and the South Downs National Park Authority and is a Chemist by trade.

Judith enjoys spending her leisure time in and around the Harbour and has plans to join a coastal rowing club.


Georgia Siddle
Countryside Ranger

Georgia delivers countryside management projects
Email: georgie@conservancy.co.uk

Georgie started working for the Conservancy in 2008 as a Seasonal Ranger and then joined us in a full-time role. She studied Countryside and Wildlife management at Sparsholt College where she achieved a triple distinction. Georgie undertakes footpath maintenance, practical projects around the AONB and works with the Friends of Chichester Harbour volunteer groups. In addition she teaches woodland skills to local school groups. Out of work Georgie enjoys birdwatching and beachcoming on local beaches.

 Georgie Siddle

Keith Rathbone
Countryside Ranger

Keith delivers countryside management projects
Email: keith@conservancy.co.uk

Keith joined the Conservancy in 2007 on the seasonal Patrol Team and took on the role of full-time Harbour Ranger in 2009. Brought up in South Africa, he worked there as lifeboat crew and as a Sea Fisheries Officer. As a Harbour Ranger, Keith undertakes footpath maintenance, practical projects around the AONB and works with the Friends of Chichester Harbour volunteer groups. Out of work you will find Keith surfing at the Witterings or volunteering with Selsey Coastguard.

 Keith Rathbone

Peter Hughes

Peter looks after the interests of wildlife in the Harbour.


Steve Lawrence
Planning Officer

Steve, alongside Linda, advises the Conservancy on planning applications and development affecting the AONB
Email: planning@conservancy.co.uk


 Steve Lawrence

Linda Park
Planning Officer

Linda, alongside Steve, advises the Conservancy on planning applications and development affecting the AONB
Email: planning@conservancy.co.uk

Linda is currently on maternity leave.


Jane Latawski
Education Officer

Jane manages the Education Service
Email: jane@conservancy.co.uk

Jane started work for the Conservancy as a team teacher in 2006, having taught art at a secondary school. As well as teaching school groups, Jane supports schools visiting the AONB to ensure they have a successful visit, getting the most from the time they spend here. Jane is a keen gardener, enjoys walking and also relaxing at her Hayling Island beach hut.

Jane Latawski

Judi Darley
Communities Officer

Judi co-ordinates the year-round programme of events
Email: judi@conservancy.co.uk

Judi was born and brought up in a Chichester Harbour village. She joined the Conservancy in 1996. As a qualified teacher with a first class degree in geography, Judi is well placed to share her knowledge of the Harbour and Conservancy through a range of walk, talks and family activities. She enjoys meeting people of all ages. Judi has a keen interest in art and design and is happiest outdoors.

 Judi Darley

Maria Court
Shared Services Manager

Maria oversees publicity and communications, human resources and administration within the Conservancy
Email: maria@conservancy.co.uk

Maria has lived in the local area for many years and joined the Conservancy in 2014.  After studying Geography at the University of Plymouth, she has had a varied career in office and event management.

She enjoys photography and spending leisure time in and around the Harbour.  She has a busy family and social life but likes to get away from it all in her touring caravan.



Maria Court

Rosie Spanner
Executive Officer

The Executive Officer supports the Conservancy governance and coordinates matters relating to land holding.

Rosie has previously worked for both Havant Borough Council and Hampshire County Council in a variety of roles before joining the Conservancy following three years working in Governance and Legal Services for a national registered social landlord.

In her spare time Rosie trains and competes with her two dogs and enjoys reading.

Hazel Blood
Administration Manager

Hazel ensures customers recieve first class service.
Email: info@conservancy.co.uk

Hazel joined the Conservancy in 2002 and has lived locally for many years. Along with her husband Gavin she enjoys boating on Chichester Harbour. 

 Hazel Blood

Gina Simpson
Customer Relations Team Leader

Gina provides customer service to Harbour users and supporting the Harbour and Admin Teams.

Gina joined the Conservancy in early 2014 having worked at Chichester Yacht Club for eight years.  She has lived in Chichester for many years and has a good knowledge of the Harbour.  When not at work, Gina enjoys walking and photography.

Rose Teal
Event Administrator

Rose provides customer service with event and activities bookings and supporting the Environment and Admin Teams.

Rose is a New Zealander who has lived in the UK since 2000.  A former teacher with a degree in English Literature she has a passion for the environment and education.   She earned her steering ticket on a P&O container vessel but hasn’t been called upon to use the qualification in the harbour as yet!  

When not at work she enjoys exploring this country with her husband and their Border Jack rescue dog. Their adventures provide lots of photographs for her scrapbooking hobby.  Rose has recently taken up cycling after an interval of many years and is keen to get onto the Salterns Way once she is no longer a danger to the public.

Rose Teal

Debbie Kilhams

Debbie is the friendly and knowledgable face of the Harbour Office.

Debbie has been with the Conservancy since 2002 and has a wealth of knowledge about the Harbour. She enjoys meeting people and helping them to get the most out of their visit to Chichester Harbour and the surrounding area.  She was born in south London but has lived locally for most of her life.  Her husband John is a yacht surveyor and she has two children. Debbie enjoys walking, caravanning, theatre and music.

Debbie Kilhams



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