Harbour Life Magazine

Introducing Harbour Life magazine, our new look quarterly publication, with news
and stories that will reflect the changing landscape, wildlife and recreation
of the Harbour though the seasons.

We’ve moved away from an annual format after seeing that
a single publication could only provide content which swiftly
became out of date; we understand many of you are keen to
know what’s going on in the Harbour more often than once
a year.

The statutory information for vessel owners will now appear
in an annual Information for Mariners booklet, issued on
payment of harbour dues.

We hope you enjoy this Spring edition - look out for the Summer
issue in June, available direct to you by email, via our website or
to collect from the Harbour Office or libraries and local tourist
information hubs. Sign up for email copies on our website or
contact info@conservancy.co.uk.

Read the Harbour Life page-turning web copy of the magazine