Be inspired by Chichester Harbour's landscape, wildlife and habitats.

Our downloadable PDFs are written for specific age groups and link to curriculum topics. A useful resource before a trip to the Harbour or an outreach session, or to support follow-up work back at school or home.

We hope you enjoy using these resources. If you need more information on a particular subject, contact the Education Service by email or telephone 01243 789173.

The Seaside - EYFS Understanding the World

'At the Seaside'

Meet Gusty the gull. Information and pictures to introduce West Wittering beach and some of the animals and plants that live there.

Coasts and Living Things: KS1 Geography/Science

'On the Shoreline at Dell Quay'

Learn about the shoreline and the living things that make their home here. Why do people visit the Harbour?



Coasts - Chichester Harbour: KS2 Geography

'The Coast'

Information about the coastal environment of the Harbour, its geographical features, land use and sea defences.



Coasts, West Wittering beach and East Head: KS2 Geography

'Exploring Coasts at West Wittering beach and East Head'

Learn about coastal processes: tides, waves and erosion; and features: beaches, sea defences spits and sand dunes.



Living Things and Habitats: KS2 Science

'Living Things and Habitats'

Find out about the animals and plants that live in 3 Harbour habitats: streams, shorelines and sea water.



Food Chains, Ecosystems and Adaptations: KS2 Science

'Food Chains, Ecosystems and Adaptations'

An introduction, using Harbour habitats and wildlife, to food chains and  webs, ecosystem and animal adaptations.



Rivers: KS2 Geography


Information about river features and the streams in Chichester Harbour.