Current Opportunities - Appointment Process

This web page has been created to advertise work available with Chichester Harbour Conservancy and its partners suitable for consultants and contractors. Consultants support the Conservancy by providing advice and guidance, or desk-based skills, like graphic design. Contractors also support the Conservancy with capital projects, like access improvements.

To comply with The Health and Safety at work Act 1974 and the Management of Health and Safety at Work regulations 1999, the Conservancy need to do the necessary checks on contractors to ensure they are taking reasonable care for their own safety, and for that of all other persons who may be affected by their acts or omissions.

For a contractor to be considered for work, they must provide:

  • Evidence of Public Liability Insurance
  • A Health & Safety Policy
  • A Risk Assessment for the work they are bidding for
  • A Method Statement for the work they are bidding for

In addition, the Conservancy may also ask for:

  • An Environmental and Sustainability Policy
  • An Accident History List
  • References

The Conservancy may also check for any prohibition notices with the HSE.

There is lots of advice on the HSE website for Control of Contractors. Visit for further details.

If, for instance, your company does not yet have a Health & Safety Policy, we would encourage to use this as a prompt to prepare one since it is best practice.

Current Opportunities

Thornham Point Bridge, Thorney Island – Sea Wall Repairs

Every 3-4 years the rip-rap around Thornham Point Bridge, and the adjacent needs to be moved back into place. This usually requires a construction vehicle due to the weight of the stones. Access will be made possible from the adjacent field and then along the foreshore. Interested contractors are advised to read and respond to the Project Brief by 10am on 02 August 2021.

Salterns Way Cycle Route, Birdham to West Wittering – Resurfacing Work

The Salterns Way Cycle Route opened in 2006 and is a popular way to travel between Chichester and West Wittering, away from the main road traffic. The Conservancy has identified four stretches that would benefit from being resurfaced using self-binding gravel. Interested contractors are advised to read and respond to the Tender Document by 10am on 02 August 2021.

Appointment Process

For tenders, the Conservancy will score the responses received using the criteria as detailed on the specification. Unless there is an overriding concern, the consultant/contractor with the highest score will be offered the contract.